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Culture, workforce planning and organisational design

Prominence is acutely aware that building the best organisation requires ensuring a positive culture underpinned by an appropriate organisational design with the right workforce and engaged culture.

Addressing any culture improvement, workforce planning or organisational design requires a strategic, collaborative and data-driven approach. Continuous evaluation and adaption are critical to ensuring long term success and alignment with an organisation’s overall strategic direction and goals.

When Prominence is engaged to review an organisation’s structure, workforce or culture, Prominence utilises relevant industry leading methodologies for data collection and analysis of governance, strategy, leadership and management, workforce responsibilities and functions, workplace culture and interpersonal relationships (including behaviours).

Stakeholder engagement through workshops, interviews and regular reporting as the project progresses through the stages of understanding, analysing, developing new structures, strategies and plans and collaborating with the relevant stakeholders is the underpinning foundation for this type of project. Prominence has helped numerous Queensland Hospital and Health Services in the areas of organisational design, workforce planning and culture review and strategy development.