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Leadership development and cultural change for Queensland Department of Health

Coming from leadership and executive roles across diverse industries, Prominence consultants are highly sought after to support organisations to develop their leaders and implement cultural change. We understand that leaders and workplace culture impacts every aspect of an organisation and its performance, and that aligning leadership behaviours with a positive productive culture leads to improved staff engagement, wellbeing, performance and overall outcomes.

Prominence has supported many of Queensland Health’s Hospital and Health Services (HHS) on their cultural and leadership journeys, and more specifically, the development of their cultural improvement strategies. The development of these cultural improvement strategies required in-depth assessments and diagnosis of the current state leadership governance amongst the executive leadership team (ELT) and of the workplace culture. Prominence recommended strategies and developed plans to address the cultural challenges identified and including improvement strategies in the areas of leadership, governance, process and people.

Strategies and planning were driven by data collected from ELT interviews, facilitated face-to-face cross-sectional team workshops and desktop reviews of the pertinent internal documentation supplied by the HHSs. Various strategic planning and HR-related models were referenced and implemented throughout the project, which enabled opportunities for knowledge transfer and capability development with the HHSs. Findings were analysed and opportunities for reforms in leadership, governance and processes were identified. Emphasis was placed upon the impact of the ELT’s behaviours, both on the culture of the ELT itself and on the organisation.

Final reports included culture improvement strategy/s and plans, with specific recommendations for leadership governance, people and processes, and implementation roadmaps including priorities and timeframes. Following the success of some of these engagements, Prominence was also requested to build upon the cultural strategy implementation plans with one-on-on coaching for selected senior leaders to help them understand and develop the necessary skills and behaviours to lead effectively and with impact. The strategies and the leadership coaching was reported to be highly valuable and accompanied with overwhelmingly positive feedback.