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Strategy and Governance

Strategy for meaningful improvement We help public and private sector organisations to develop strategic plans that drive meaningful performance improvements.

Why good strategy matters

Put simply, good business strategy seeks the creation of value, competitive advantage and proper functioning for an organisation.

Effective strategy underpins enduring organisational success. It’s the roadmap that provides clear and well-defined direction, guiding actions and threading stakeholders together. A good strategic plan, aligned with values and mission, will help your organisation thrive.

How we help

Prominence brings many years of sector experience and qualifications. Drawing on first-hand understanding of industry best practice, we help organisations identify their most important drivers of value.

Our approach is to engage with key stakeholders as part of a co-design process. This ensures strategic plans are well thought through, easy to understand and have genuine buy-in from within your organisation. It can lead to revenue growth, cost reduction, improved service delivery, effective use of capital and ultimately, value optimisation. A well-executed strategy provides a clear sense of purpose and generates positive employee engagement.

Why Prominence? Effective strategy underpins enduring organisational success.

What we do
Prominence has demonstrated expertise in the following service areas:
Strategy and Planning


  • Market analysis
  • Organisational performance analysis, modelling and reviews
  • Operating model effectiveness reviews
  • Customer experience reviews and analysis


  • Enterprise level strategy development
  • Mid-term strategic plan reviews
  • Functional strategy development
  • Operating model optimisation
  • Business and digital transformation
  • Business coaching Facilitation

Governance for sustainable outcomes

We work with clients to review and strengthen their governance frameworks to ensure they deliver on their mission.

Why good governance matters

Organisations operate in a world where challenges abound. Successful organisations must ensure and maintain best practice across a range of activities. There is no room for error.

Good governance helps address these challenges. It ensures clear lines of responsibility and accountability, providing transparency and efficient operations. In today’s world, where integrity and ethical behaviour matter more than ever, good governance is critical. Organisations focused on endurance and resilience knows that good governance enhances long-term sustainability.

How we help

Prominence understands that good governance reduces risk. It also builds trust and achieves sustainable outcomes for our clients.

We work with clients to build suitable governance models that provide the foundations for strong performance and accountability while also enhancing organisational integrity. This has flow-through in strengthening stakeholder and shareholder confidence and mitigating key business risks.

Why Prominence? Integrity and ethical behaviour matter more than ever.

What we do
We provide the following services:
Governance and Risk


  • ESG advisory
  • Board performance evaluations
  • Risk management advisory
  • Business continuity management
  • Workplace health and safety advisory


  • Internal audit and gap analysis
  • Workplace health and safety audits and investigations
  • Project assurance reviews

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