Key challenges

Australia is facing the most difficult defence circumstances that our region has seen in decades.

Unprecedented Defence challenges have been created by:

  • Large scale conventional and non-conventional military build-up in the region
  • Reduced warning time for conflict
  • Economic coercion
  • The wide effects of climate change.

The Australian Government recognises that security and stability need an internationally competitive and innovative domestic industry base. Industry is the incubator for advanced defence capability. Recently, the Government’s focus has shifted to a streamlined defence delivery model which prioritises value-for-money and timely capability acquisition. Australian industry content and domestic production is now balanced against these factors.

Why Prominence? Prominence understands what is needed to best defend Australia.

How we help

Prominence understands the strategic environment Australia faces. Many of our consultants have worked or served in Defence and with pre-established security clearances, they are poised to quickly engage with clients.

Our consultants understand what is needed for preparedness to best defend Australia and its interests, and to keep Australians safe.

Prominence’s 360-degree viewpoint of Defence means we are ideally positioned to work directly for Defence, Prime Contractors, Major Service Providers and the broader Defence Industry. Our consultants are ready to assist industry integrate their offerings with the needs of Defence’s re-prioritised capability acquisition system.

As Defence moves into a new era, our team’s collective learnings, and the benefit of more than 15 years of working within the sector, ideally positions us to help spearhead new processes and systems.

View our Defence and Industry sector capability statement.

Why Prominence? We are supporting Australian defence industry to uplift its capability as well as providing advisory services to Defence.

Why select us

Prominence has proven experience of working directly for Defence and with the broader Defence Industry. We have been a proud member of the Australian Industry Defence Network (AIDN) for over 15 years.

Many of our consultants have either worked for Defence and/ or have served in the armed forces (including within Special Operations). They therefore understand the context and strategic intent of every project and can add real value in a short period of time.