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Department of Defence – stakeholder management system

Prominence was engaged to provide the Directorate General Technical Airworthiness (DGTA) with assistance to develop a system for collecting and utilising stakeholder feedback to efficiently and effectively assure and continually improve the safety of Defence Aviation.

The project arose from the identification of a need for a coordinated process for planning and managing the requirements, methods of engagement, feedback collection, analysis and response to stakeholder engagement to achieve an increased understanding of the DGTA-ADF stakeholders and improved responsiveness to their current and emerging requirements. The System also needed to provide Agency managers and staff with a consistent means of determining whether their outputs are satisfying stakeholders’ requirements; and support DGTA-ADF compliance with the customer satisfaction clauses required to maintain certification under ISO 9001.

The approach to the project required complex stakeholder engagement and delivered a detailed report inclusive of a detailed description of the elements of a stakeholder engagement system (principles, purpose and scope, stakeholder identification, internal capability requirements, the engagement processes) and two courses of action for DGTA-ADF to purpose build a sustainable, fit for purpose stakeholder engagement system.

The report also provided a description of the agency’s internal and external stakeholder communities and their needs within the construct of the Defence Aviation Community which consists of those individuals, groups and organisations that enable, support and/or conduct Defence aviation operations and therefore have a direct interest in the performance and efficacy of the agency.