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Organisational design and workforce planning

Prominence understands that organisational design and effective workforce planning, together with a positive organisational culture, are integral elements in the success and sustainability of an organisation in delivering on both its strategic agenda and business as usual operations.

These elements shape the working environment and directly impact an organisation’s ability to achieve its strategic goals and adapt to changes in circumstances and the external environment.

Prominence has worked with over 100 public and private sector organisations, including in the health and community services sector, to undertake organisational reviews covering all key elements of good organisational design including structure, leadership, people, systems and processes, governance and culture, or with a specific focus on one or more of these. We have reviewed and made recommendations on more effective operating models, that are then taken forward into new or tweaked organisational designs with refined or redesigned roles, organisation- specific capability frameworks and workforce planning initiatives to help ensure the right people in the right roles at the right time.

Examples in the health and community services sector include the following.

  • Organisational reviews of various divisions and branches within Queensland Department of Health – ranging from clinical support to business support functions.
  • A review to optimise business intelligence capability for a large Hospital and Health Service to enhance corporate performance, productivity, compliance and decision making; improve clinical performance through analysis and performance monitoring to national standards, provide for greater oversight of safety and quality in clinical practice and benchmarking; improve visibility and insight regarding consumer outcomes and experiences, and provide greater clinical decision support.
  • Organisational review of a patient support service servicing all hospital and community based services across a large hospital and health service, including structure, leadership, governance, system and processes, roles and capabilities, to position it for the future. The desired outcome was to have the most effective and efficient operation and foster collegiate interaction and positive team dynamics to improve overall performance and staff experience.
  • Comprehensive review of the organisational design for a community service division within a community, aged and disability care non-government service provider. This review was driven by significant funding pressures and the need to significantly reshape the organisation while still delivering for its clients. This was part of a broader overall transformation project that Prominence was supporting. It included current and future workforce capability assessment and strategic and tactical workforce and cultural change planning to support a shift from the current to desired future state. Prominence continued to provide support with specific expertise in the areas of human resources, communications, business process and systems during the transformation implementation process over a number of years.

In all our engagements, Prominence consultants review key documentation, analyse data and undertake the appropriate level of stakeholder engagement through interviews, workshops and/or focus groups (together with targeted benchmarking and workforce supply, demand and trend analysis where required) to clearly define the current state and future state requirements to deliver on organisational and workforce objectives. Our consultants leverage various organisational design, culture, leadership and workforce planning frameworks and models, and leading-edge technology to provide organisational and workforce insights (including the ability to objectively measure psychosocial risks) to identify strengths, systemic weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Outcomes of organisational design and workforce planning engagements generally include both strategic observations and recommendations as well as operationally oriented recommendations for implementation, and the development of roadmaps and/or implementation plans.

Prominence receives exceptional feedback on its flexibility to refine the project approach as new information becomes available or in response to client operational pressures, the team’s strength in stakeholder engagement at all levels of the organisation, including co-design approaches; the ability to share ‘hard to hear’ feedback and insights to leadership (and staff members where required) in a tactful and diplomatic way that engenders buy-in for implementation of recommendations; and our ability to develop concise, practical and prioritised recommendations and implementation plans.