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Program and project assurance advisory services

Prominence and our consultants have been conducting program and project assurance reviews since 2010 and we have completed over 150 assurance reviews including Gateway assurance reviews (across all gates), health-checks and deep dives. These assurance reviews have included high value, high risk ICT projects, infrastructure projects and organisational change programs and have been undertaken in a range of jurisdictions across Australia.

Each assurance review is undertaken using a small team of qualified and experienced consultants who have real-life experience of delivering similar programs and projects which means that they bring with them a deep level of understanding of how to successfully deliver these types of programs and projects and how to identify and mitigate key risks. We understand that each assurance review is subject to different requirements considering factors such as the applicable program and project assurance framework, assurance level required, program/ project history and the program/ project scope and complexity.

Where required, we provide real-time feedback to the Senior Responsible Officer (SRO)/ Project Sponsor as the review progresses to ensure that the findings are accurate, balanced and that the final report contains no surprises. Our assurance review reports are always succinct, provide an overall assessment and prioritised recommendations so that the SRO and project teams are kept focused on the key issues to ensure the program/ project delivers the required benefits and is kept within budget and on schedule.