Case Studies

Business case for renewable energy training facility image

Business case for renewable energy training facility

Prominence was engaged to assess a Market Led Proposal (MLP) for a Renewable Energy Training Facility (RETF) which was seen as a pivotal initiative in aligning Queensland’s commitment to renewable energy with the development of skilled workers in the electrotechnology sector.

The project involved two critical stages, each with its unique set of challenges and deliverables. During Stage 1, sensitive stakeholder consultation and thorough background research into future skills gaps were conducted, ensuring alignment with the Queensland Treasury Project Assessment Framework (PAF). The outcome of Stage 1 was a Preliminary Business Case that highlighted the need for further justification of the investment. In Stage 2, a comprehensive Final Business Case was developed, encompassing all PAF requirements, which recommended the project’s progression with a total investment cost of approximately $23 million.

One of the key strengths showcased in the execution of this project was the Prominence Consulting team’s adeptness at conducting sensitive stakeholder consultations and in-depth research into skills forecasting. Despite the challenges posed by confidentiality, our consultants successfully engaged with both government departments and private industry stakeholders in the renewables sector, facilitating informed decision-making. Furthermore, the Prominence team’s ability to develop detailed cost estimates, in the absence of detailed project designs and limited client input, demonstrated proficiency in financial analysis and project estimation. The robustness of the business case, which met all PAF requirements, underscored the consultant team’s competence in project development and governance. Finally, the utilisation of 3D visualisations added a layer of clarity and impact to the final presentations and business case, enhancing communication with stakeholders and decision-makers.

In summary, the project’s success in developing a compelling business case for the Renewable Energy Training Facility was the result of meticulous stakeholder consultation, adept cost estimation, thorough skills research, and the creation of a robust business case that adhered to the Queensland Treasury Project Assessment Framework. The success of this project ultimately led to the Queensland Government’s approval and a $17 million contribution, alongside a $6 million investment from Electro Group, solidifying its significance in the state’s renewable energy education landscape. This project not only aligns with Queensland’s renewable energy goals but also highlights the expertise and capabilities of the team involved, setting a strong precedent for future investments in the state’s infrastructure and workforce development.