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Strategy development for federal, state and local government

Prominence has been engaged by federal, state and local government to develop more than 100 enterprise-level and subject-specific strategic plans.

These engagements have all required complex, and often sensitive, engagement with internal and external stakeholders including boards, executive teams, staff, peak bodies and other government departments and jurisdictions. There has also often been a requirement to align with various government frameworks, policies and performance management standards to ensure that the end deliverables are fully compliant with government requirements.

Our approach is structured and collaborative to ensure full alignment between us, our clients and their stakeholders throughout the engagement. This structured and consultative approach results in an end deliverable which is objective, clear and concise. Our experienced and skilled consultants have a highly engaging approach to interviews and workshops which ensure that views and ideas are openly shared. It also means that those involved are taken on a journey and are more likely buy in and own the end deliverable and align with the organisation in meeting its future objectives.

Our consultant’s approach is also to challenge and test the key stakeholders around their views and differences, as part of the strategic planning process – this helps with gaining alignment on the future direction and on key initiatives and strategies required to deliver on the organisations’ objectives. We also use each engagement as an opportunity to upskill those involved in the process in terms of their ability to think and plan strategically and their ability to influence and drive positive change.

The end deliverable in all our engagements has always been high quality documents, approved by the client, which clearly articulates and operationalises the organisations vision, purpose, values, objectives, strategic initiatives, measures of performance along with key risks and opportunities. The use of our graphic design capability in producing the end deliverables ensures that the quality of the documents is very high and, on many occasions, used as a public facing document.