What we do

We collaborate with our clients to solve their individual business problems. After defining the objective, we hand-pick a team of specialist consultants to shape your bespoke solution.

Our independent consultants are hand-picked to match your business’ needs based on their particular skill set and cultural fit within your organisation. Drawing on their business networks and relationships as well as years of experience, our consultants and alliance partners will help define your business objectives before shaping a bespoke solution.


Our services

We provide a range of services from strategy and planning to refining an organisation’s processes or supporting a business as it enters a new market.


Strategy and planning


People, process and optimisation


Market facilitation

Strategy and planning

We create strategies and plans to shape your business’ future through growth or transformation.

Drawing on years of expertise within specific fields our consultants can define the threats and opportunities within your organisation. Additionally, we can advise your leadership team how best to respond to disruption or adapt to changing conditions.
As facilitators and advisers, we help businesses and leaders define a clear path to success. We engage their teams and establish specific mechanisms to track and manage performance throughout the journey.

Service categories:
  • Governance
  • Strategy and performance
  • Risk
  • Communications to enable strategy activation
  • Project governance, assurance and control
  • Stakeholder research and engagement
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People, process and optimisation

Well-functioning teams and workplaces are more likely to attain an organisation's goals.

After dissecting the challenges within your organisation, we build the capability of your leaders and the business as a whole to respond to the various challenges it faces.
Drawing on our in-depth knowledge and process skills, our consultants help businesses to create safer work environments, manage conflict as well as alleviate risk and change.

Service categories:
  • Workforce planning
  • Operating model effectiveness
  • Organisational reviews, design and development
  • Organisational behaviour and culture
  • Business process improvement
  • Change management and change capability building
  • Change communications
  • Risk management
  • Customised training and skills development
  • Facilitation and coaching
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Workplace investigations
  • Media relations
People, process and optimisation case studies

Market facilitation

Success is built on a solid foundation. We help start-ups and established businesses looking to create or expand a presence in their chosen markets.

We provide an assessment of the market, make useful connections and navigate through government and the business community to develop a holistic view of the operating environment as well as potential opportunities and challenges.
Using local knowledge and collaborative tools, we assist in fast-tracking the process of making the important investment decisions.

Service categories:
  • Market intelligence and data
  • Market opportunity assessment
  • Operating and regulatory conditions assessment
  • Introductions and connections
  • Operational landing plans
Market facilitation case studies

Our Industries

We solve business problems for many local and global industries. Our field of expertise includes, but is not limited to, health and communities, defence and industry, infrastructure as well as government and the public sector.


Defence and Industry

Defence is a major buyer of services and materials. We work directly with Defence to help them improve their processes and systems, and we contribute to the service offerings of Prime Contractors and Major Service Providers. Using the insights we’ve gained through these engagements, we are also able to offer up-to-date advice to organisations that want to build their capability to participate in Defence’s outsourcing model.

Clients include:
  • Department of Defence
  • Prime Contractors and Major Service Providers
  • State government agencies
Defence and Industry case studies


We regularly work with government departments and agencies and we’ve acquired a deep understanding of the challenges they face and their needs. We work at local, state and national level and our consultants draw on personal knowledge garnered from successful careers within government or consulting to it. By understanding the environment, culture and operations, we can chart the strategic direction, improve workplaces and their service delivery within specific communities.

Clients include:
  • State, Federal and Local Government Agencies
  • Statutory authorities
  • Government owned enterprises
Government case studies

Health and Communities

We’ve established ourselves as a trusted partner with over twelve years experience in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Our specialist consultants collaborate with leaders of health and community services, finding solutions to the people, services and infrastructure challenges they face. Through consultation, we develop an organisation’s corporate capability, ensuring they’re more resilient to changes within the sector.

Clients include:
  • State and Federal Government departments and services
  • Private health and aged care providers
  • Not for profit community service providers
Health and Communities case studies


Our consultants partner with you to focus on the front-end (infrastructure planning and development) of your projects. This includes business cases, needs analysis, options, procurement as well as implementation project management. We’re also proud to be appointed to the infrastructure panel for Infrastructure Australia.

Clients include:
  • State Government and statutory authorities
  • Infrastructure owners, operators and funders
  • Advisors, designers and constructors
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From government to private clients, we’re shaping the future of many Australian organisations.

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