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Strategy, Planning and Risk Management

Drawing on years of expertise from across all our business sectors, our COVID-19 Advisory team are here to support you in stabilising the issues you are currently facing, to review your organisational health and to reshape your strategy and planning to ensure you are in the strongest recovery position possible following our COVID-19 Organisational Management Model.

"The current pandemic is challenging Australia's public and private sectors in unprecedented ways, but recovery is on the horizon for organisations willing to review and reshape their position."

Leanne Ryan, Managing Director of Prominence Consulting

Our tailored COVID-19 Strategy, Planning and Risk Management services include:
  • COVID-19 Impact Assessment: Taking you through our structured and comprehensive COVID-19 Impact Assessment process, you and your stakeholders can be confident that there are no 'blind spots', your short-term action plans are robust and every aspect of your organisation is considered.
  • Recovery Planning: Over time a 'new normal' will emerge, restrictions will begin to ease, and activity levels will increase. Work with our expert team in establishing a clear pathway forward for your organisation, using our proven planning process, to ensure you are in the strongest recovery position during and post COVID-19.
  • Strategic Reviews: Many aspects of your overarching business strategy may have been impacted and no longer be valid. Gain an independent review of your strategy and use this as an opportunity to reshape your approach.
  • Governance and Risk Reviews: The pandemic has changed the risk profiles and operating structures within most organisations. As we progress through this year, there will be new, evolved and increasing risks (including cyber security) emerging. To ensure your organisation is not left exposed, our team of risk experts are here to support you in reviewing your governance and risk management arrangements.
  • Strategic Projects: Some organisations have already identified key strategic projects which will assist them in the recovery and reform of their organisations. Developing these projects from concept to execution requires focused effort. Our specialist consultants can assist you in the review and/or full development of these strategic projects for optimal outcomes.
COVID-19 Initial Diagnostic Review Package
We recognise that some organisations may benefit from a baseline organisational assessment to help them better understand which key areas require focused support. Prominence is offering an initial COVID-19 Diagnostic Review Package where our dedicated team will collaborate with you and your team to benchmark your organisation's response across a broad range of areas including, but not limited to:
  • strategic response and recovery planning
  • workforce planning and restructuring
  • communications
  • health and well-being
  • strategic partnerships
  • supply chains.