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Drawing on years of industry knowledge and experience, our COVID-19 Advisory team can support you to empower your leadership team, guide your organisation through workforce planning and to more broadly support you as you reshape and reform your organisation through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.
"As clients are trying to strike the difficult balance of keeping their employees safe and maintaining key business functions, they are requiring timely support and skills to navigate the uncertainty and complexity that COVID-19 continues to bring"

Leanne Ryan, Managing Director of Prominence Consulting

Our tailored COVID-19 People related services include:
  • Leadership Development: Most organisations are experiencing unprecedented disruption and leaders need to be fully equipped with the required skills to lead their teams effectively. Through our tailored leadership development programs, we equip leaders in skills such as effective communication, understanding emotional intelligence, leading through change, building high performing teams, managing performance, holding difficult conversations and resolving conflict.
  • Building Resilience: As organisations continue to make significant changes and routines have been disrupted, this can result in high levels of uncertainty amongst employees. Through focused coaching sessions, we can help individuals and teams reflect on their resilience and develop simple but effective strategies to help them cope through one of the most difficult periods our generation has ever encountered.
  • Workforce Planning: As COVID-19 evolves in unpredictable ways, many organisations are faced with the continual challenge of realigning their resources with new business demands. Unfortunately for some organisations, this can result in the standing down of employees or even redundancies. Work with our specialists who will safely guide you through the entire process, from developing the strategy, planning the implementation and then undertaking the necessary workforce changes in a respectful way, and in compliance with employment legislation.
  • Outplacement Services: How well you support employees faced with the difficult process of leaving an organisation is a test of the core values of the organisation's leaders. Departing an organisation without any support can be often traumatic and can have a wider impact on families. We provide support by coaching exiting employees through the process and providing practical guidance around employment options, preparing resumes, leveraging personal networks, interview techniques, upskilling and managing their personal wellbeing.
  • Transition Sessions for Organisational Change: When organisations are undergoing change, employees often need support to help them transition from the 'old' to the 'new'. This progression includes stages such as celebrating and acknowledging the achievements of the past, focusing on the future, and engaging in new strategies around future growth. This forms a critical part of an organisation's culture and ensures employees are properly prepared to adapt and support the organisational changes required. A single session with a core leadership team or a tailored program of sessions can be conducted across your organisation with both small and large group sizes.
  • Remote Working Techniques: Many organisations have had to introduce remote working policies to keep their workers safe and with this brings a new set of challenges. Prominence has practised remote working since its establishment in 2003, and as such offer coaching based on our proven techniques and systems. With a focus on best-practise video conferencing techniques and etiquettes, performance management, effective teamwork, confidentiality and information security, we support you in maintaining effective communication and collaboration both internally amongst teams, and externally amongst customers, partners and stakeholders.
  • Workplace Health and Safety: Our recent 'COVID-19 Pulse Survey' revealed that the safety and wellbeing of employees, suppliers and key stakeholders was the number one priority for 58% of organisations. There are now new and evolving risks in relation to working from home, attending the workplace while COVID019 still exists in the community, and the mental health of employees. We can assist you in assessing these new risks, as well as developing and implementing effective controls to minimise them, whilst ensuring your organisation remains compliant with health and safety legislation.
All our services have been designed for face-to-face and/or remote delivery.
COVID-19 Initial Diagnostic Review Package
We recognise that some organisations may benefit from a baseline organisational assessment to help them better understand which key areas require focused support. Prominence is offering an initial COVID-19 Diagnostic Review Package where our dedicated team will collaborate with you and your team to benchmark your organisation's response across a broad range of areas including, but not limited to:
  • strategic response and recovery planning
  • workforce planning and restructuring
  • communications
  • health and well-being
  • strategic partnerships
  • supply chains.