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COVID-19 is deeply shifting the ways in which we live, work and do business. The demand on business leaders, executives, and board members to effectively communicate with their employees, customers, investors, and stakeholders has never been so high, or so critical.
Our dedicated COVID-19 Advisory team are here to support you in assessing and reshaping your marketing and communications plan, to develop the necessary frameworks for effective communication (internally and externally), and to ensure your organisation is always leading with clear, transparent and timely communications.
"No longer are leaders just running a business; they are now running a virtual community where clear, regular and effective communication with employees, customers, investors and stakeholders is critical to its success."

Leanne Ryan, Managing Director of Prominence Consulting

Our tailored COVID-19 Communications services include:
  • Communications Planning: During times of uncertainty, it is critical for organisations to establish clear, consistent, and transparent lines of communications with employees, customers, investors, and stakeholders. Using our proven and robust planning process, work with our Advisory team in assessing and reshaping your objectives for communication and outreach, and establish a clear COVID-19 Communications Plan to ensure you are consistently crafting the right messages, targeting the right people, at the right time using the most effective online and offline channels.
  • Communication Plan Implementation: Work with our Advisory team to ensure effective implementation of your Communications Plan. Our 16+ years of operations has given us the experience as well as the know-how to deliver integrated communications campaigns that are on-message and support your business objectives. We will work with you to effectively implement your COVID-19 communication initiatives with impact, ensuring you keep your employees, customers, investors, and stakeholders feeling engaged, informed and performing.
  • Leadership Communications Development: During a crisis like COVID-19, people look to leaders for confidence, care and compassion in navigating the company into the future. Through our tailored leadership development programs, we equip leaders with a range of skills and techniques to ensure they are connecting with your people effectively with a focus on establishing trust, confidence, and commitment.
  • Media and Presentation Training: Work with our media training experts to prepare you and your leadership team for the full spectrum of COVID-19 issues and scenarios. We will equip you with skills to effectively communicate complex messages, and to deliver live or pre-recorded presentations with confidence, including: media interviews, webinar presentations, podcasts, video announcements, streamed events and more. Our team of media training experts are also backed by our sector experts, which gives our training programs a unique edge for Senior Managers and Executives in specialised appointments, departments, or industries.
  • Investor Relations: With COVID-19 comes unpredictability and uncertainty. Organisations must remain agile in their communication with shareholders and strive to be appropriately transparent. Work with our experts to develop an action plan to improve investor and shareholder communication and confidence, including revised reporting arrangements and frameworks.
  • Marketing: Using our proven framework to assess the political, economic, social, and technological (PEST) landscape, work with our team to evaluate, reshape and affirm your organisation's unique position and value proposition for today's and tomorrow's marketplace. Consider the 'new' behaviours, needs and wants of your customers and realign your marketing initiatives to ensure you are delivering results-driven campaigns, to the right people, at the right time using the most effective channels.
All our services have been designed for face-to-face and remote delivery.
COVID-19 Initial Diagnostic Review Package
We recognise that some organisations may benefit from a baseline organisational assessment to help them better understand which key areas require focused support. Prominence is offering an initial COVID-19 Diagnostic Review Package where our dedicated team will collaborate with you and your team to benchmark your organisation's response across a broad range of areas including, but not limited to:
  • strategic response and recovery planning
  • workforce planning and restructuring
  • communications
  • health and well-being
  • strategic partnerships
  • supply chains.