Strategy and planning

Value Workshop to challenge and strengthen an infrastructure business case

Before taking a brownfield development proposal to market, infrastructure owners need to ensure that proposals are optimised to meet current funding trends and market conditions. This case study demonstrates how Prominence helped its client shape the work done by internal teams to create a stronger business case for executive consideration.
Project background
Our client was an infrastructure operator proposing development of a new high rise carpark at one of its facilities. They required expert review and input to challenge and optimise an internally developed proposal.
Our Approach
Prominence provided an infrastructure sector expert for a Value Workshop that considered:
  • Proponent risk – value, construction timing, approvals
  • Collaborative development of structural options
  • Means to engage with the consulting and construction market
  • Industry expectations of alternate construction methods and materials
We contributed to these workshop objectives by assimilating a complex range of constraints and contributing to development of creative and pragmatic solutions to key challenges.
Prominence’s contribution to the Value Workshop enabled the internal team to reposition the project in the market and create a stronger business case to proceed. This included:
  • Several previously unconsidered options arose and were explored with internal stakeholders
  • Advice on a more commercially sustainable approach to market engagement
  • Strategic advice on negotiating terms with suppliers to overcome a weakened position due to constraints