Strategy and planning

Providing experienced Gateway Review teams for independent examination of major programs or projects 

To assess progress and quality of high risk or capital intensive projects, a range of stakeholders can nominate a project or program for a Gateway Review. This requires rapid mobilisation of an experienced, independent Gateway Review team. Prominence regularly assembles these teams for government clients delivering major infrastructure projects and programs. 


Gateway Reviews can be instigated by project owners, agency Directors-General or Ministers or built in to project milestone approval points.  The objectives Prominence’s Gateway Review clients have sought to address have included: 

  • assurance that a Financial Business Systems project was still required and affordable and supported by robust implementation plans
  • assurance that a Corporate Reporting project was realising the benefits set out in the business case and that the operational service was running smoothly.
  • assurance that a business critical ICT System is ready to be  deployed for service
Our Approach 

Prominence applies the Gateway project assurance review methodology as described by the Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture Program and Project Assurance Framework V3.0.0 dated November 2018. Reviews typically include: 

  • A comprehensive start up meeting with the client
  • Review and analysis of key project documents
  • Key stakeholders interviews
  • Regular feedback sessions with the Senior Responsible Officer to discuss review findings
  • Formal Report outlining findings and recommendations.
The skills our consultants bring to Gateway Reviews include: 
  • Qualified Gateway Review team leaders and members with extensive experience
  • Knowledge of and adherence to the Queensland Governments project assurance framework
  • Synthesis of key information relevant to the review
  • Communication skills to gain key insights into project performance
  • Gap analysis and making recommendations for change
  • Experience in project management, business analysis, procurement, operations, financial analysis and change management
Who we support 

Our Gateway Review experts are part of our team of consultants providing business critical assurance and risk management services across multiple government agencies and jurisdictions, giving senior management assurance and confirmation that their projects are well managed and ready to move to the next stage of development or implementation. In Queensland, Prominence is an accredited provider in multiple whole-of-government and agency Standing Offer Arrangements.