People, process and optimisation

Program management to procure fit for purpose aviation assets

Renewing government owned aviation assets is a complex procurement task requiring specialist knowledge which is usually beyond internal procurement capabilities. Effective program management of aircraft sourcing is an investment in long term operational excellence. This case study outlines the role Prominence played in a government aviation asset renewal program.

Project background

Our government client required specialist program management to renew three aviation assets including procurement and disposal. Our client had specific outcomes to achieve through the renewal program including standardisation of assets and specialised fit out. They also required a high level of transparency and information sharing with multiple Government stakeholders throughout the lengthy process.

Our approach 

Prominence was engaged as Program Manager and assembled a small expert team to deliver the following:

  • Strategic planning – detailing program objectives and timeline, analysis of funding mechanism and stakeholder functions
  • Procurement, delivery and entry into service of the new aircraft
  • Disposal of the replaced aircraft
  • Due diligence and acceptance process for the new aircraft
  • Fitout program delivery
  • Entry-into-service delivery process
The following skills were critical to program delivery:
  • Aviation industry expertise
  • Aircraft procurement experience
  • Program management expertise
  • Strategic thinking and analytical skills
  • Stakeholder and relationship management
  • High level negotiation skills

Over a two and a half year period, Prominence completed the successful renewal of three aircraft in line with Government objectives. We were able to make adjustments to the program in key areas including contract execution, production and fitout to still deliver the program on time and on budget.

Prominence also delivered the first Asset Management Plan for the government agency responsible for aircraft operations.