Strategy and planning

Engaging employees in a people-centric approach to strategic and operational planning

Involving employees at all levels of an organisation in strategic planning gives individuals a clarity of purpose and context for how their work contributes to the big picture. Giving everyone a voice in a large organisation sounds daunting, but can be overcome with a well-designed strategic planning framework. This case study demonstrates how Prominence designed and managed a people-centric approach to strategic planning in a government agency to build alignment between leadership and all levels of management and staff.
Project background
Our client contributes to growth and productivity initiatives. Historically they had used a range of approaches to strategic and operational planning and required a new methodology that drew on best practice, contemporary approaches.
Our approach
Prominence consultants undertook:
  • Review of strategic planning history, previous feedback and internal alignment
  • Collaborative co-design of the strategy planning process and direction with senior executives
  • Deep staff consultation and engagement
  • Design, testing and refinement of a four year strategic plan with senior executives over several internal sessions.
The project objectives were met by applying the following skills:
  • Strategic planning process design
  • Application of a full range of consultation tools including executive interviews, workshops and survey instruments
  • Interpretation and synthesis of the strategic implications of consultation
  • Facilitation of detailed internal working sessions with line managers
  • Strategic plan design.
Prominence consultants delivered a new framework for strategic planning, together with a 4 year plan that responded to a number of priority issues identified through the process including:
  • alignment with a myriad of internal review documents including internal audit findings
  • developing approaches and templates for the next level of implementation planning and operational planning to respond to strategy
  • understanding employee views of potential future directions and feeding this back to executive leaders for consideration in the Plan.