Strategy and planning

Defining a digital transformation project through stakeholder consultation and analysis

Optimising the collection, storage, analysis and reporting of data to support team efficiency and customer experience is a common challenge for government agencies. Investment decisions to transform requires unpacking of complex legacy systems and rigorous consideration of the desired future state. This case study demonstrates how Prominence helped a government client define requirements and recommendations for a digital transformation project.
Project background
Our client contributes to economic growth and productivity initiatives. The quality of datasets held and managed by the agency is critical to their role and service delivery. These datasets and associated reporting were managed via multiple legacy systems including outdated databases, excel spreadsheets and other manual processes. Our client required a review of the current state; risk and opportunity assessment and collaborative development of a future state position.
Our approach
Working with senior management, Prominence consultants undertook:
  • Extensive stakeholder engagement
  • Detailed analysis of inputs, systems and outputs for current state
  • Liaison with similar agencies in other jurisdictions on their systems and lessons learned
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Co-design workshop with key stakeholders to establish a future state specification and hierarchy of needs
  • Detailed design of future state inputs, systems and outputs and a roadmap to success
  • Preparation of a draft investment proposal to seek approval for business case development
The skills used to meet the project objectives included:
  • Facilitation
  • Blueprinting
  • Stakeholder consultation and management
  • Benefits realisation
  • ICT project understanding
  • ICT investment proposal development
Prominence delivered a comprehensive and consultative process that gave the agency a robust information base to move forward with their investment proposal and business case development. The client also decided to extend the scope of the project to take a wider view of datasets gathered by the agency. During the project we identified a critical issue with the current system that could impact business continuity, adding further weight to the client’s case for change.