People, process and optimisation
Defence and Industry

Building resilience in the defence supply chain to achieve consistent levels of performance

The capacity of local industry to contribute to Australia’s defence capability is well recognised and facilitated by strategies and funding programs supporting innovation and export readiness. While valuable, these programs don’t fully address the corporate development issues a small supplier of defence capability will encounter as their market presence and participation grows. A Prime who engages an SME in their supply chain may identify the need to support business maturity of that supplier to manage their risk. Equally an SME may seek support to boost their readiness to supply directly to Defence or Primes. Engaging a specialist Supply Chain Coach can help both Primes and SMEs to maintain a strong focus on accountability, contract compliance and performance.
Common issues that SMEs face as their defence participation grows include:
  • Developing governance systems to ensure effective control and oversight of operations
  • Strategy development
  • Financial management to maximise the use of capital and stability of cashflow
  • Understanding contractual obligations
  • Streamlining stock management to respond quickly to requirements
  • Growth planning to achieve scale
  • Developing HR systems and policies
  • Leadership capability and culture
  • Workforce planning
  • Process improvement needs – both business and production processes
  • Marketing and business development strategy
  • Communications and change management
Our Approach
Prominence’s Supply Chain Coaching service matches coaches and consultants to the specific needs identified by the Prime or SME. If those needs are not clear, Prominence can conduct an early readiness assessment to identify any performance weaknesses and prioritise interventions. We also undertake onboarding assistance at the outset of a supply program, to set a program of deliverables that will mitigate the risk of performance issues and build strong, sustainable business relationships.
The skills our consultants bring to Supply Chain Coaching include:
  • Strategic planning
  • Risk assessment and management planning
  • Project governance, assurance and control
  • Transformational change analysis and planning
  • Operating model review and design
  • Organisational reviews, design and development
  • Organisational behaviour and culture
  • Business process improvement including Lean
  • Change management
  • Customised training and skills development
  • Performance coaching
  • Workplace health and safety consulting
Who we support
We are ourselves an SME with a track record of supplying direct to Defence, having established our service quality and compliance platform. Our consulting team includes a number of former defence personnel with direct experience of the issues businesses face in maturing their high performance culture. We help SMEs build financial sustainability and consistent levels of performance. We help Primes assure the performance of their SMEs, managing risk and enhancing their reputation as a leading defence organisation.