People, process and optimisation

Building high performing executive teams

The case for investing in advice to build a high performing team remains very strong for all organisations, particularly with the changing nature of the workplace and how work is done.

By choosing to engage an independent facilitator to help a team lay the foundations for high performance, organisations are introducing a level of objectivity. This can be critical to ensure that team members don’t overlook dynamics or behaviours that might lead to team dysfunction.


The objectives our Team Building clients are often looking to address include:

  • Helping new teams get to know each other
  • Helping teams learn how to work together toward high performance
  • Identifying processes and systems that will underpin how the team communicates and makes decisions
  • Dealing with residual negativity, confusion or conflict
  • Learning how to have difficult conversations
  • Recovering from events that have adversely impacted the team (poor performance, illness, restructure, natural disasters, conduct issues etc.)
Our Approach

Prominence matches facilitators with skills and insights relevant to an organisation’s culture for team building activities. After a briefing with senior managers on issues and outcomes sought, we usually start by canvassing individual views across teams so team members can express their views and expectations of the process. The themes from these discussions will create a blueprint for team functioning that can be tested in group discussion, helping to secure commitment to the process. Group activities such as workshops are generally designed in conjunction with the team themselves and typically include:

  • ‘Scene setting’ by senior leaders
  • Overview of theory of high performing teams
  • ‘Getting to know you’ activities
  • Sharing and discussing the results of personality profiling
  • Communication exercises to promote self awareness and reveal differences
  • Experiential team development activities to highlight key themes for working together
  • Activities to review team performance and identify development goals
  • Individual sharing of vision for the future and desired leadership contributions
The skills our consultants bring to Team Building include:
  • Application of team building theory
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Personality profiling and explanation of results with individuals and groups
  • Applying personality profiling to the team dynamic
  • Understanding of causes of team dysfunction and behaviours
  • Securing team commitment to new ways of working together
Who we support

Our consultants have worked across a number of federal, state and local government agencies, as well as in the private and not-for-profit sectors. In Queensland, Prominence is an accredited provider in the Human Resources category under the Standing Offer Arrangement, QGP0050-18, Tranche 2 Human Resources.