People, process and optimisation

Adapting business model and strategy to strengthen customer focus

How did Prominence help a government business unit that provides commercial services to the public and private sector to future-proof itself and adapt to the ever-changing needs and expectations of the community, stakeholders and customers?
Project background
Our client provides specialist training and advice to help business and industry respond to emergency situations. They required a market analysis and an internal capability review with the aim of developing a new business model and new business plan.
Our Approach
Working with the organisation’s leaders, we hand-picked a small consulting team with relevant experience and cultural fit. Prominence consultants undertook:
  • Extensive interviews with the team, including executive leaders
  • Stakeholder engagement, utilising the business model canvas approach, to enable the collaborative development of a draft operating model and organisational structure options
  • Data analysis to identify internal capability gaps, growth opportunities
  • Design and analysis of a customer engagement survey
  • Market analysis to verify key themes and validate operating model options
  • Desktop research to validate potential growth opportunities through expanded market segments
  • Development of recommendations and engagement with key stakeholders to verify thinking
  • Coaching to prepare the business unit leader for a Board presentation on the proposed new business model and structure.
  • Coaching the team to change the language used when promoting the business unit internally to align with organisational strategic objectives
Recommendations and an implementation plan developed collaboratively with our client were taken forward to and approved by the organisation’s Board of Management, setting the agenda for a more detailed reform project. Key outcomes included:
  • Internal capability analysis
  • Updated organisational structure with proposed staff roles defined
  • Market and customer survey data analysis with growth opportunities identified
  • Key performance measures defined
  • New business model and implementation roadmap